Why Morehouse? Why now?

Too often, I have had many of my friends, acquaintances, and other random folk ask, “Why are you transferring to Morehouse? Why do it now?” I must admit that have grown a bit irritated with this question being asked enough for me to recite it verbatim. However, I think it is worth my time to explain why:

From a very young age, I have wanted to attend Morehouse College. Growing up in a household where learning about African American history was enforced, I became enthralled by the works of Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., a graduate of Morehouse College. I became a young student to his speeches and books, studying his life like a young baby curious to the world around him. I soaked up every little detail about Dr. King and committed to continue my own part of his ‘dream’.

When I graduated from high school, the only place I applied was Morehouse College. I was certain that I would attend and continue the mission of many other Morehouse Men who had passed through the Morehouse College gates. However, a denial letter from the College quickly placed me back into reality.My grades were no where near Morehouse material. I thought I would try it again.

Four years later, I have finally got accepted into Morehouse College transferring from Wayne State University. Although I have established myself as an academic at Wayne State, I felt that Morehouse would challenge me more than I ever. For so long, I have longed to be apart of a scholarly community that would collaboratively push me to my greatest potential. Being apart of a brotherhood with a long legacy of achievement, social activism, and racial uplift is my dream. I hold dear the legacy of the many alumni who have experienced the Morehouse Mystique. Upon talking to many Morehouse Men, I am confident in my decision in attending Morehouse in the Fall. Yes, there will be many odds, but I have placed my faith in God to lead me through this narrow way.


Published by: Andre Gilford Jr.

I am a young man working to improve society through the cultivation of sophistication and distinction. A true man should be judged by their character as Dr. King once said, therefore, I am here to advocate for overall character-building through strong relationships. My journey to becoming a better man is open and transparent so that we may also endure a tumultuous, yet rewarding journey to ultimate class.

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One thought on “Why Morehouse? Why now?”

  1. I’m excited to welcome you into our community new brother! I hope you retain this passion that you have for race relations and enhance during your years at the college. I look forward to working with you; and, see you this fall!

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