Why Morehouse? Why now?

Too often, I have had many of my friends, acquaintances, and other random folk ask, “Why are you transferring to Morehouse? Why do it now?” I must admit that have grown a bit irritated with this question being asked enough for me to recite it verbatim. However, I think it is worth my time to explain why:

From a very young age, I have wanted to attend Morehouse College. Growing up in a household where learning about African American history was enforced, I became enthralled by the works of Rev. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., a graduate of Morehouse College. I became a young student to his speeches and books, studying his life like a young baby curious to the world around him. I soaked up every little detail about Dr. King and committed to continue my own part of his ‘dream’.

When I graduated from high school, the only place I applied was Morehouse College. I was certain that I would attend and continue the mission of many other Morehouse Men who had passed through the Morehouse College gates. However, a denial letter from the College quickly placed me back into reality.My grades were no where near Morehouse material. I thought I would try it again.

Four years later, I have finally got accepted into Morehouse College transferring from Wayne State University. Although I have established myself as an academic at Wayne State, I felt that Morehouse would challenge me more than I ever. For so long, I have longed to be apart of a scholarly community that would collaboratively push me to my greatest potential. Being apart of a brotherhood with a long legacy of achievement, social activism, and racial uplift is my dream. I hold dear the legacy of the many alumni who have experienced the Morehouse Mystique. Upon talking to many Morehouse Men, I am confident in my decision in attending Morehouse in the Fall. Yes, there will be many odds, but I have placed my faith in God to lead me through this narrow way.


One thought on “Why Morehouse? Why now?

  1. I’m excited to welcome you into our community new brother! I hope you retain this passion that you have for race relations and enhance during your years at the college. I look forward to working with you; and, see you this fall!

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