Living the Best “Me”

Lately, I have found myself incredibly stressed about how people perceive me. It is always:

“Do they think that I am wrong?”
“Do they think that I am crazy or desperate?”
“Do I look good to them?”

Many times, I saw myself defining my actions based on the opinions of others. As you can imagine, this can be sickening. With this, the public approval is vital to self-identity. In psychology, this is called self-monitoring.

For years, I have lauded the mantra of “savoir faire” (do what is appropriate). Yes, what is appropriate is based on perception. And, perceptions change based on the environment. People’s opinions change based on the population. And, those opinions might not always be positive.

I have decided that I need to work on living my best life. The key word in that phrase is “my”. I cannot live for no one else. And, my life might not always be right for everyone. I have to live for me and live the best me. In living, I have to learn how to assess my best. I know me better than anyone. Those who love me and know me can help.

Self-reflection is key- assessing what makes me best.

But living. And living entails taking risks and being vulnerable. Something which I have never been good at. But I’m young and ready for the multitude of blessings in store for me.

My life is my life.


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