I’m kept!

I got one life to live
Gotta live it the best way I know
Using God as a compass
I will let the dreams flow
I believe I will be great
Although sometimes I’m left feeling worthless
But I look to the hills from which cometh my help
My help cometh from the God in me
If he lives in me, then why should I be afraid
For he will be a crutch to stand on
The rock in the weary land.
Shelter in the time of storm.
You know my God
He didn’t bring me this far to leave me
That’s why I press on for the mark
Of the calling of the anointed
I’m inspired and persuaded
That nothing
Not evil
Not suffering
Not my own weakness
Separate me from his love
And his love is a wonder
That passes all understanding
That why I know he will keep me
Peace in my mind: I’m kept by his arms.


Published by: Andre Gilford Jr.

I am a young man working to improve society through the cultivation of sophistication and distinction. A true man should be judged by their character as Dr. King once said, therefore, I am here to advocate for overall character-building through strong relationships. My journey to becoming a better man is open and transparent so that we may also endure a tumultuous, yet rewarding journey to ultimate class.

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