Selfie and the Soul

Sometimes, we take selfies and do not recognize the kind of symbol which is present in that endeavor. A selfie is bigger than me taking a picture of myself. A selfie is a type of self-affirmation of the beauty and poise in being my authentic self. A selfie is an exercise to express my soul.

Nicholas Hood III MInistries


The “Selfie” really came of age when the President of Denmark took out her cell phone at the funeral of Nelson Mandela and took a selfie President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron of Brittan. Although many in the news media seemed to be caught off guard, and others thought it to be really “Cool”, for many others around the world, they were participating in an activity that takes place in almost every corner of the world – taking a picture of yourself and maybe a friend or two with your cell phone.

The “Selfie” is made possible by incredibly sharp, high megapixel cell phone cameras. Many of the modern cell phones have two or three times the number of megapixels as my Nikon D 7000 Camera. As I have considered the “Selfie” several thoughts come to the forefront.

First, the selfie is self-expression. It does not require a lot…

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