Jesus Was a Black Trans Woman: On God, Divinity, and the Gospels of Mya and Mike Brown

This is a direct assault on all of the things that traditional/evangelical church knows of Jesus…I love it!!!


Let me start: I am not a theologian; I am not an aspiring clergy; I am not even a Christian. However, I recognize that I am an expression of the divine (however you imagine her). My perception of Christ and Christian theology has changed over the last months. This is a snapshot.

Mya died and remains dead because of our sins. And, she waits in the tomb, waiting to be resurrected.

What a mockery the church can make of God and all her essence. I come from Indianapolis, Indiana: where the sermons are long and the substance is tenuous. This was the touchstone for my departure from the (Black) church. There was nothing there for me. I was a Black Queer boy who loathe swallowing cheap theology imbued with rhetorical and spiritual violence. I refused to be at the behest of a God that hated his own work. The God…

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