Slain Black Bodies on Good Friday

Yes, today is Good Friday. Yes, today we remember that bloody moment of crucifixion.

But what does that mean for us today? Jesus was MURDERED by the Roman Empire for being a trouble maker. He was persecuted by his Jewish religious leaders for being a religious dissident. Jesus was a black poor Jewish man from Nazareth, the “hood” of Jerusalem.

They legally sanctioned this lynching, just like whiteness and empire did with black bodies over the course of our 400 year history in the Americas. Today, it is sanctioned through the murder of black bodies by police. Today it is sanctioned by the scores of black people beholden to poverty and poor living conditions. Today, it is sanctioned by the poisoning of Flint’s residents. Today, the same conditions that MURDERED Jesus are still in place.

On this Good Friday, I choose to remember these conditions and reminded that Jesus calls us to victory over these things. I choose to remember that these things do not have power over God’s anointed: the oppressed. I choose to commit to working to tearing down these institutions of empire, white supremacy, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and more that seek to restrict people from accessing the Kingdom. This Good Friday, I’m encouraged that death does not have the final say. That we shall rise again through the power of God and through the example of Jesus’ resurrection 2000 years ago.


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